Diverging and Converging - an exhibition by Sue Marsden and Philippa Maye

Two artists from different disciplines, working with different materials and with very differing approaches to their work and practice have collaborated to produce an exhibition which is inspired by their shared interest in the great British Landscape.

Sue Marsden, a textile artist, works intuitively and draws inspiration directly from the environment recording sights and experiences in her sketchbook and considers texture, surface and pattern as key.

Philippa Maye, is a ceramic artist and has an analytical approach, often inspired by vintage cartography, her starting point is usually experimenting directly with and on to the clay to create an evolved outcome.

Over a period of a year they worked independently but often they came together to discuss themes, ideas and their progress. These meetings and discussions reinforced the themes of Rhythms, Call & Response, Movement and finally Diverging and Converging as a title for this collection of artworks.

The mutual feedback was used to deepen and enhance their explorations of materials and processes developed in their work. This pattern was repeated often and the resulting work makes up the body of the exhibition you see here.