From the Waters Edge by Andrew Croughton

From the waters edge, a collection of watercolour images of  seabirds and more.

As a mountain person at heart I simply love the outdoors in all forms, from big mountain adventures to pleasant coastal paths and beach walks.

Wherever I am, I'm always drawn to the wildlife that make these places home.

I especially love spending time relaxing by the coast with its wonderful array of wildlife, expansive horizons, intimidating sea cliffs and rocky shorelines.

As a keen photographer and artist I hope this body of work shows at least a small selection of the wonderful wildlife that is found on or around the British coastline.

My  first time using watercolours I have enjoyed allowing the medium to lead my images to the final results.

As the paint flows on the page and finds its own path the resulting uncontrolled outcome adds to the natural movement and vitality of the images, allowing the water to control the outcome of these images of animals that all live and depend on water to thrive.

I hope you like the resulting images and are inspired to go out and see for yourselves what this wonderful country has to offer.