In Oceanum - Roisin Maddison and Angus Child

Our planet is almost entirely covered in water, with just small areas of land poking through.

The vast bodies of water in fact cover seventy percent of the surface of the globe, and sustain around one fifth of known species.

All life as we know it requires water as one of its building blocks, and the ocean constitutes the vast majority of the water available. Salt water, though undrinkable to most creatures, sustains huge amounts of life.

In Oceanum takes you on a tour of life around the ocean, from bright, beautiful fish, invertebrates and mammals to the colonies of birds living on the edge of the sea, up on the harsh cliff that make up the fringe of ocean life. Not many people know about the richness of life in and around our oceans, and we aim to use our photography to share the amazing wealth of life that can be seen around the shores.

Please note that Gallery 2 is closed from 13 August until 17 August 2018