Mixed Media Art Classes with Midge

 Mixed Media Art Classes with Midge
 Mixed Media Art Classes with Midge
 Mixed Media Art Classes with Midge
 Mixed Media Art Classes with Midge

ENCAUSTIC & COLD WAX STILL LIFE & NATURE PAINTING - a fantastic opportunity to learn techniques of working with encaustic & cold wax with mixed media.

Theme - Abstracting nature & still life MARCH (4 wks) 2018 - 7 -9pm

Cost - £15.00 per session on a 'pay as you go' basis or £60 total for all 4 wks (payment on first session).


PAINTING FROM LIFE - April 5th to May 17th - learn the fundamentals of paitning beautiful skin tones to abstracting colour in this painting from life workshop. Working from a live model develope sketches into figurative paintings using oils or acrylics.  An additionl fee of £5.00 for each of the 4 life model sessions (1 session not life model).

Dates - April. 5.12 May 3,10,17th 2018, 7 - 9pm

Cost - £15.00 per session 'pay as you go' or £75.00 for 5 sessions (payable on the first session) £5.00 model fee paid seperately on the nights.  For both beginners or more advanced levels.


MIXED MEDIA WORKSHOP May 24th - June 28th - Workshop includes working with acrylics & acrylic mediums, inks, collage, & monoprinting along with a range of other dry media to creat expressive, semi abstract or abstract compositions.

Theme - landscapes, seascapes, & still life. Dates May 24th, 31st, June 2018 7-9pm 

Cost £15 per session on 'pay as you go' £90.00 for all 6 (payable on first session).  

Ideal for beginners or more advanced levels.


All artist materials & equipment provided or you can bring you own.

You can find additional information on her website at http//www.artjournals.co.uk or for more information please phone Midge on 07808944550 or email info@artjournals.co.uk