Willy K Wood


Ever had a boring telephone conversation, one of those when you have a pad and pen in front of you but instead of taking notes you find yourself doodling away while paying lip service to the caller.

Well that's how I began my 'Faceable' works. I have to pay credit to the caller who I can't remember because they must have been really boring!  So I say thank you caller whoever you were.

Let me explain. I think most arty people would rather draw a picture to depict a thought rather than write it down. After all we think in images and not text (don't we?) So, I was doing just that when the telephone conversation took a drab turn, that's a turn neither up nor sideways but going downwards. At this stage my pen began to move with the help of the subconscious mind. The sketches filled lots of notepad pages of indescribable mind dump scribbles.

After the conversation finished the table in front of me was littered with hideous 'splat' containing what I considered non useful information from the caller. In fact there was no written text at all just weird looking human type forms in period attire, similar to the art deco era. Maybe my ancestors were trying to make contact! I digress. The scribbles went in to the rubbish with usual stuff, you know, all that recycling cardboard and paper. That night I went to bed. Recalling the days events I half remembered the scribbles I had put down earlier. I went to sleep. The next day I was drawn to (no pun intended), the crumpled bits of paper I had dispersed of the day before. I had to quell a curiosity by looking again at the sketches. This time they appeared different to me as I went through about half a dozen paper sheets after flattening them out. I spread them out in front of me. They were still clean which was useful. Then it struck me that I was looking at a possible art collection. Maybe I could configure these ideas in to something useful after all. I began drawing the human form as what I can only describe as loose geometric sketches and transposed them in to pictures with a reason for existing and no longer scrap paper doodles.

The pictures are produced in pastel, ink and acrylic, freehand drawn with passion.

And so, I am able to exhibit my 'Faceable' collection of pictures for the world to see. If I had not done this I would have had to wait for another boring telephone  conversation to be inspired again!

You can check out the website if you like at www.wkwoodartist.com