Castle Park Catering

The Courtyard Tearooms are open.

 Tuesday through to  Saturday, 10 am until 4 pm 

At 11 am each day we have ‘Elevenses’ – a programme of short entertainments.


Saturday                  8 Aug                 Sue Blanchard

Tuesday                   11 Aug               Gus Glyn

Wednesday              12 Aug               Michael Gough

Thursday                  13 Aug               Casey and Edward

Friday                       14 Aug                Michael Gough 

Saturday                   15 Aug               Stuart and family

Alongside our regular routine of cleaning, we are undertaking extra precautions, taking into account all the government guidelines.  There are tables and chairs in the courtyard for you to use and we have also erected a gazebo at one end

Some of the retail units will also be opening on Tuesday so come along for a cuppa, browse around the units, walk in the park, a small oasis amongst the pandemonium of the current situation.