Weaver Vale Art Society


The successful art group was first formed in November 2013. The original founders were Tony O’Neill, Bernice Tackley and Peter Twist and they named it Weaver Vale Art Society. The current chairman is Carol Dooley.

It is held weekly at the Acton Bridge Parish Rooms and currently has a membership of twenty enthusiastic artists from novices to semi professionals. The members use a variety of medium such as watercolour, oil, acrylic, pastel, and fresh knowledge is passed on every week. The society has on occasion hosted demonstrations by professional artists.

The members are encouraged to provide new artwork to show and sell at their twice, sometimes three times yearly exhibitions held at Acton Bridge. They are excited at the possibility of alternative new venues to exhibit their work throughout the year, such as Castle Park. It is quite an exciting time this year as this is the first time the society has exhibited at Castle Park as a group and everyone is looking forward to working towards putting on a display to showcase their talent.