Christmas Card Workshop with Les Darlow 2023

Unleash your creativity, it's definitely going to SNOW 24th November at Castle Park. 100%

We're gonna paint snow scenes!

Discover the magic of winter with our Snowscape Workshop at Castle Park Art Centre in Frodsham. Join me for a creative journey that will teach you to see the world through the eyes of an artist. In this workshop, you'll learn to enhance your composition skills and make beautiful, expressive marks using pastel and mixed media techniques. Embrace the serene beauty of snowscapes and elevate your artistic talents. Don't miss this opportunity to bring your winter wonderland visions to life with us.
Are you coming?
Embark on a vibrant artistic journey at Castle Park Art Centre. Immerse yourself in the Panpastel, Pastel, and Mixed Media Workshop! Dive into the world of impressionistic expression as you master the art of translating photographs into captivating paintings, infusing your work with depth and emotion. Discover the thrill of mark making, as your brushstrokes evolve into an extension of your personal style, and open the door to a realm of endless techniques waiting to be explored. Join us for an informative, fun-filled experience that will leave you equipped with new skills and a transformed artistic perspective. To make a booking simply drop me an email at Check out my YouTube Channel if you want to see my paintings.

Please bring one sheet of A3 Cold Press Watercolour Paper

10.30 – 4pm, £49.50

Les Darlow 07900 576 840