Catching the sun to save our Arts Centre

Our crowd funding campaign for solar panels has been launched

The Council's generous pledge of £10,000 illuminates more than just our rooftop—it brightens the future of our Arts Centre. With solar panels, we not only harness the sun but also secure a sustainable future, ensuring the arts continue to flourish in our community.  Thanks to all our backers, it is great to be at 50% of our target.

To donate -

To install solar panels to the roof of the Castle Park Arts Centre, including the courtyard units. The project will also require storage batteries to optimise energy generation and energy use. Most of the roof space is south facing and should therefore benefit from capturing solar radiation. As a small self funding charity the recent hike in energy costs has caused severe financial pressure. Generating our own electricity will greatly help to relieve that pressure.

What we'll deliver:

  • A unique art gallery will continue to exist
  • Ongoing cultural activities for the community to engage with
  • Support, inspiration and entertainment for the public

Why it's a great idea:

People meet in the courtyard, admire the art in the galleries, enjoy the surroundings and relax in the welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is delighted by the art on display, excited with the arts-based activities and entertained and educated by the diverse cultural events. Artists hold the Arts Centre in high regard and respect the professional support and expert curation provided. There is a tremendous desire to display in the galleries because artists know that only the finest works will be accepted. The Arts Centre has a clear strategic focus with the aim of bring the enjoyment of art closer to the local community. These are the benefits the project will bring

Steps to get it done:

  • Installing the solar panels and batteries


The Arts Centre will remain important to the local community and artists of all persuasions by being responsive to their needs and by protecting the beautiful historical building and surroundings. Ensuring its survival by bringing down energy cost will be hugely welcomed by the local community